Welcome to Mindhance Holistic Learning Center, an accredited learning center offering professional certification in holistic mental health, grief coach and professional mediation. Mindhance gives students the opportunity to develop their skills by offering well-rounded course work. Students can start the program at any time because we are an independent, self-paced program. There is no career interruption, commuting or fixed class hours. Our quality programs and holistic learning methods ensure that the student will learn and enjoy their education experience.

Mission Statement
Our purpose is to provide a comprehensive curriculum for the student who seeks higher education using a holistic model.

What will the student earn?
Upon completion of each 40-credit-hour program in Holistic Mental Health Care or a 30-cedit-houre program in Holistic Grief Coach, students will receive a certificate. Each certificate will enable the student to qualify to apply for membership with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), become a consultant, and possibly open their own practice.

What is accreditation?
Accreditation guarantees a basic level of quality in the education you receive from an institution. Graduates qualify for Board Certification through the AADP. This also ensures that your certificate will be recognized for the true achievement it is.

The purpose of attending an accredited school includes:
• Standards of evaluation
• Accountability
• Public confidence in educational institutions  

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